Erosion from Stockwell Manor Site --

October 7 & 8, 2005

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    Observations on October 10, 2005 suggest that stormwater flows on October 7 & 8 had, indeed, carried significant amounts of sediment downstream from the Stockwell Manor site. Sediment was visible on the streambed at the mouth of Burke's Spring Branch (left below), in the channel in Kirby Park (middle), and in impressive amounts at the downstream end of the culvert that carries the stream under Kirby Road (right):

    The scope of the problem was even more evident upstream of Kirby Road, on the common land at Brooks Square. New deposits of orangish sediment were visible below the outlet of the stormwater pond (left, looking upstream toward the downstream end of the berm/outlet), and in the area of the stormwater pond itself (middle, looking upstream from the top of the berm; right, looking back downstream toward the upstream end of the berm/outlet):

    Deposits of orange clay spread thickly over the grass of the stormwater pond, in places reaching almost 3" deep:

    Similar problems could be observed further upstream, on McLean Greens' common land and beyond.

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